Loving Life book by author Steve Ford

Loving Life

A personal perspective on supporting a partner who is undergoing cancer treatment

by Steve Ford

For partners and family faced with a loved one’s life changing event, whether it is a cancer diagnosis, illness or any form of health challenge, the question is, how do you cope and where on earth do you start?

The purpose of the book is to improve a partner and wider family’s awareness and strategy around the challenges they will face, whilst their loved one deals with a life changing event. This insight and perspective will strengthen the support network around the patient at the centre of the event.

This heart warming narrative of overcoming fear and anxiety, with hope and courage, is a truly inspirational guide to how we could all learn from those who have conquered their own fears.

With healthcare professionals and organisations directly supporting the patient, who supports the partners, family and friends?

“Loving Life” shares some of the secrets that those on the sidelines, need, in order to survive.

Published By

20 West Books
5 Stars

“What a great resource and how generous of you both to share your experience to help others. Well done!”

Charlotte D

“Absolutely fantastic … Something so positive to come from such dark times. ”

Vicki H

“This is amazing.”

Melanie W

“This is incredible … and supporting loved ones is huge.”

Dr A

“To put down on paper for others, what you experienced as a partner in order to benefit other people, is truly amazing.”

Madeline B


“Life, however, has a way of forcing change upon us that we didn’t see coming… Cancer.”

Excerpt from Loving Life

“Amber is a cancer survivor and the intention, over the course of the chapters ahead, is to share with you a partner’s perspective; what worked, what didn’t, the lows and the highs of life with cancer as an unwelcome breast guest.”

Excerpt from Loving Life

“Realising, as we both did, that people are dealing with cancer day in, day out and gaining the support of other patients, it drove her to wanting to give something back.”

Excerpt from Loving Life

“Pre cancer I had a massive hospital phobia. Really hugely massively massive. I didn't know how I was going to cope with all of the hospital appointments. But here I am with the appointments now tailing off, and me feeling a bit sad that soon I will not see any of the amazing nurses ever again.”

Excerpt from Loving Life

“She burst into tears and, sobbing in my arms, said… “I’ve got a lump in my breast and I’m scared… I don’t know what to do!”

Excerpt from Loving Life


Steve Ford

Steve was born in Portsmouth, England and educated at St. John`s College, Southsea.

Trained as a professional aircraft engineer and pilot, he flew commercially for both aircraft manufacturers and airlines. Having travelled the world extensively, his passion for writing led him to author; “20 West” and “Flight Envelopes”, (see below).

Living in Warwickshire, England, Steve continues to write and is adamant that he learns from life and the world around us.

Steve Ford author


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